Chinese is the biggest reason why I love China

——Korean Dongdong ,South Korean popular blogger


I went to China when I was 7 years old, travelling with my family to Shenyang, Liaoning. I have eaten a lot of Northeastern cuisine on that trip. I still remember it now.

Although I have never been to many places in China, I often go to Shanghai, Beijing and recently just went to Chengdu.

I have also been to many cities in Liaoning Province, Changsha, Hunan Province as well.

I have been going to China since I was a child. It left me many unforgettable memories in China.

I met an unforgettable thing when I went to Chengdu recently. A lot of people have seen my video, so they recognized me. Some people want to meet me. They waited for hours without knowing my schedule. I was particularly touched when I saw them waiting for so long.

We took pictures and chat together. I was really moved.

I think people like me because I introduce the culture of the other country to the people of China and South Korea.

I also received a gift in Chengdu, a perfume that carries Beijing's aroma.

This is a very meaningful gift. I have always treasured it.

In China, I made a lot of friends and I also exchanged a lot.

With Chinese people, after when you get close to each other.

They will be very loyal, treat you with heart, make me feel really warm. So I like Chinese people. What I don’t like is that there are more smoking places in China than in South Korea.

When I just came China, I didn’t know Chinese at all. My Chinese came to talk to me. At that time I was young, and I was not good at English. But everyone was working hard to talk to me.

At that time I knew little about here, Chinese teachers, even strangers passing by, helped me enthusiastically. So in my impression, the Chinese are very warm and kind.

China and South Korea have a large difference in land area, China is a vast country with a vast territory. Korea is just a small country.

In China, in different regions, with different languages, cultures and customs. 

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